Victoria Bellotti

Victoria completed a B.S. in psychology and an M.S. in ergonomics at University College London. She has further completed her Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction at Queen Mary University of London. .

Victoria is an active researcher in the HCI community. In 2013 she was awarded membership of the ACM SIGCHI Academy for her contributions to the field and professional community of Human Computer Interaction.

goose 1.jpg

The Goose

Using 20+ years of experience in 3D animation and motion capture, Goose made the transition into the next level of entertainment with Virtual Reality in 2014. He co founded Mantis VR and helped develop a wearable system that allowed users/players to move about and interact with real-world objects and spaces.
Goose has since perfected the skills of VR production and is a frontier for entertainment, education and medical visualization production.

Goose is currently working at Facebook with the Messenger camera team, designing and creating augmented reality effects and experiences to 2.3 billion users.


AnNe Charlotte Larsen

Anne works as a clinical psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark. With more than 20 years of experience with an extensive focus on stress, PTSD and trauma evaluations she is considered an expert among her peers. She further holds a certificate in EMDR trauma-therapy.

Anne has recently changed her focus and is working on a program researching meditation based stress treatments. The program is a scientific based process to assist in a better quality of life, reduction of stress and increase in the overall well being of a patient.


Karin Pfluger

Karin has 15 years of experience teaching the “StressCare 8-Week Course” in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Essentials, and a StressCare post-program course, Song of Silence. The course is a systematic training in mindfulness and meditation with a focus on reducing stress and pain and is offered in over 700 clinics, medical centers, and hospitals around the world.

Karin gives talks and leads retreats for physicians, physician-referred patients, and the general public.

Karin began teaching MBSR at StressCare in 2005 after clinical training with David Weinberg. She is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for body-centered trauma healing and has been in private practice since 2008. She is a lead teacher and executive director at StressCare.


Danielle Thys

For the past twenty years Danielle has studied and practiced yoga and meditative practices such as Mindfulness meditation and Nada yoga- the yoga of sound and sound therapy. She has successfully completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training program and holds a certification as a healthcare simulation educator.

Danielle is currently pursuing her dream to open the Nada Bodhi Institute- a mindful retreat where the study of sound, science and philosophy intersect while promoting better health and well being.