Hi, I am Mette, thank you for joining me on this paradoxical roller coaster ride called living with a chronic illness!

I am a cheeky Danish fashionista living in San Francisco with an insatiable taste for the "sweeter" life.

My mission with Your Daily Danish is to share a daily dose of "HAPPINESS" with perks, sweets, humor and personal pampering. Happiness and health have been linked for decades --'laughter is our best medicine' has become a cliche' for a reason -- and although we know the amazing connection, we hardly ever focus on its magical effect.

If you are anything like me, you have probably researched thoroughly most aspects of your illness, from alternative healers, diets, and herbs, to cutting edge treatments, mindful living etc. And then at some point you might have come to realize that your illness is consuming most of your time and energy.  It has become all about the latest research, testing, dieting, restrictions and "I should do this" and "if only I did that"... and the yearning for living instead of being a professional patient has become this serious and joyless balance act.

But while you are finding YOUR way of living life with your illness, please know that you are not alone on this journey AND that living with a chronic illness should absolutely mean more time to pamper, praise and be generous with yourself. 


Champagne, Pearls and Chronic illness

To me the words "Champagne" and "Pearls" mean glamour, sparkles, joy, socials and ornate celebrations. And as far as "Chronic Illness"......  yes of course, that would be the total opposite. But what these words have in common is ME , my life, and how I have chosen to live with a debilitating auto immune disease -Rheumatoid Arthritis- for more than 25 years

Since the diagnosis my life has been filled with mixed emotions and health experiences -- a roller coaster for sure. And throughout innumerable periods of my life I have done all in my powers to try to control and/or find THE "cure" for my condition. Everything from special diets, alternative healers, herbs and travels to meet with experts and gurus around the world. And during the more invigorating times in my life I have filled it with sparkles, adventure, love, joy, laughter, glamour, fabulous careers, mindful relationships and lots of celebratory moments. So as paradoxical as "Champagne, Pearls and Chronic illness" may sound, it is the mantra and lifestyle that has made my life so fulfilling and kept my unconquerable spirit alive for all these years. 


your Daily danish- a sweeter life

Let me start by saying what you will NOT find here. I will NOT encourage you to "smile, and look happy and energized" on days where you feel crappy. That feels stressful for me even just to suggest.  I am also not going to profess to being a "happiness" expert or a "positive psychology" coach or health guru -- because I am not.  And I will definitely not pretend that my life is filled with joy, happiness and sparkles every moment of my life -- because it isn't.

What I will share on Your Daily Danish is my personal antidote to emotional stress, inflammation and negative self-perception.  It is said that your immune system not only receives a boost whenever you engage in happy activities - happiness therapy - but according to numerous medical studies daily positive events can also serve a protective role against inflammation.  And to me those "events" mean self pampering, comfort, perks, praise, cheeky humor and daily "fun" activities. Not only during your "downtime", but daily because you deserve it AND also because it is pivotal to your health.

Info posted here should not be considered medical advice; it's not intended to replace consultation with physicians or other health care providers. 

I encourage you finding your own path for achieving optimal wellness. While I do what I can to add sparkles to your life, it’s up to you to make well-informed choices and live with the consequences. YourDailyDanish.com assumes no liability or responsibility for your health.

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