you are cared for...

awwww. ...... love and friendship!

Most often friends and family are unsure of how to support you when you are fatigued and in pain, and this poster inspired me to share a bit of my experience.

It took me years before I actually started opening up about my illness, my needs and wishes. But I was so amazed to learn how eager friends and family really were to be there for me.

Feeling cared for and truly supported has made such an impact and difference for me health wise. It has meant less stress trying to hide my daily "hurdles", less guilt for not being able to make all social events and less feeling isolated because now I can ask for what I need when I am recouping.

But the key has certainly been to communicate clearly, sorting out who is "on board"- sadly not everyone can handle illness - and be direct about what you need. Sometimes it might be as simple as someone coming over and just "hang out", or it could be to hang out and watch movies, shop for you, cook for you, or how about someone reading a magical fairy tale to you (never tried that one, but sounds pretty fabulous come to think of it).

Some of my friends have shown up in beautiful ways I did not expect, some have said "Mette, I am not sure how to support you.  You are such a strong and independent woman", and some have vanished without a trace due to the "hassle" of inconsistent levels of energy. 

I have become comfortable with my roller coaster lifestyle after now 28 years. But I also believe that a journey filled with uncertainty, is not for everyone. It takes a "powerhouse" to keep up the spirit day in and day out, and I can see why some friends need to bail. 

This to say I hope you are a faster mover than me (smile!). And when you feel you are ready to be brave, bold, honest and open, I can promise you, that the people in your life who really matter will show up and make your life so much more meaningful.         

Share with me some of your greatest surprises for people "showing up" in your life. Please!